Bruno Galvani

BC First Responders - Share It. Don't Wear It.

Being on the front line, going out on tough calls, dealing with difficult, life-and-death situations—all of it can take a toll on BC First Responders. Little wonder why mental health challenges are more common among First Responders than many people realize. The first step to getting the care you need is understanding what you’re going through. The self-assessment and self-care tools and resources below are a great place to start.


Share it. Don't wear it.

Share it. Don't wear it.

As First Responders, we know that “stuff” happens. But over the course of our careers, all that “stuff” we experience at work—the good, the bad, and the downright ugly parts of this job—can build up. We can see it, written there, on the faces and the bodies and the spirits of our colleagues who have kept it all inside for far too long. 

But something changes when we get those stories out in the open. When we stop being silent and instead speak up about all the things that affect us, we can take the first, most important step in the long journey back to being ourselves.

Creative DIrector: Liam Greenlaw
Copywriter: James Dolan
Photographer: Adam Blasberg