Bruno Galvani

Preventable - Can You See It Coming?

This stunt campaign helped The Community Against Preventable Injuries (Preventable) to kick off its 9th year anniversary with an 8-foot banana peel in downtown Vancouver. The larger-than-life banana peel is a cross-cultural, language-independent, universal symbol of the accident that’s waiting to happen. We thought it was the perfect reminder that actually, serious injuries don’t just “happen.” They happen because we willingly close our eyes to the risks that are right there in front of us.


Here’s the thing about accidents: most of the time, you can see them coming. The potential for danger, the risks that get ignored, the “something that’s not quite right”—90% of the time, these things are predictable. And because of that, they’re preventable.

Creative DIrector: Liam Greenlaw
Copywriter: James Dolan 

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