Bruno Galvani

ICBC - We Need A Break.

ICBC has briefed Wasserman + Partners to create its 2017 / 2018 awareness campaign motivating drivers to resist the temptation of using their phones while driving. Our thought: When people have doubts about a relationship, they go on a break. Just some temporary space from the other person to refocus their thoughts and see if their heart’s still in it. The idea: Show how breaking up with your phone is the best way to break the cycle of texting and driving. 

We Need a Break

We’re bringing the phone relationship to life from the point of view of a strong-willed, young woman. She’s been thinking about it, she knows what she wants, and she’s taking the straight-up approach to the break with her phone.


This time, instead of a romantic relationship, we played off the fact that to most people, our cellphones can be like our neediest friends—fun, charming, but sometimes a little too demanding.

Silent Treatment

When you’re behind the wheel and safety is at stake, it’s best to take a break.



To really bring this idea to life, we’d create a character to represent the phone we’re taking a break from. Let’s call him Steve. He’s a good guy. Reliable, likeable and charismatic. You’d introduce him to your friends and family, even show him off a little. He gets along with everyone. He’s a great communicator and open – you share everything.

The thing is, he’s a little needy. Clingy even. He’s a pleaser too – just wants to make you happy. But sometimes, what would make you happy is less of Steve. You love the guy, but he can be kind of dramatic. So when you want a break, you just need to stand your ground.

Creative Director: Liam Greenlaw
Copywriter: Bronwyn Retief / Miriam Mortimer