Bruno Galvani

ICBC - We Need A Break

ICBC 2017 / 2018 awareness campaign motivating drivers to resist the temptation of using their phones while driving. Our thought: When people have doubts about a relationship, they go on a break. Just some temporary space from the other person to refocus their thoughts and see if their heart’s still in it. The idea: Show how breaking up with your phone is the best way to break the cycle of texting and driving. 

We Need a Break

We’re bringing the phone relationship to life from the point of view of a strong-willed, young woman. She’s been thinking about it, she knows what she wants, and she’s taking the straight-up approach to the break with her phone.


This time, instead of a romantic relationship, we played off the fact that to most people, our cellphones can be like our neediest friends—fun, charming, but sometimes a little too demanding.

Silent Treatment

When you’re behind the wheel and safety is at stake, it’s best to take a break.